Date:  Friday, August 7th                                          

Lunch:   cheeseburger on bun, potoato smiles, chilled fruit, low fat milk

Birthdays today:   Brianna Edling, Layne Kraft, Maddox Suits           

Birthday this weekend:      


If you are interested in joining 7th and 8th grade football, please sign up outside the main office. 

Tape your schedule inside your agenda book so you will always have your schedule and locker combination.  Take your agenda to every class.

Tryouts for this year's 7th and 8th grade cheerleading team will be next week. See Mrs. Kissel in room 602 for a tryout packet during passing periods.

We have 7 yearbooks from last year for sale.  They are $25 and you can buy them from the office between passing periods.

Monday will be a Maroon day.